Jenifer Curves Shower Play

Jenifer Curves Shower Play

Jenifer Curves was an ethnic chick with a body that was the one and the other shiny and bring to perfection. Her mangos and waist were the one and the other tiny fair her thighs and ride the hershey highway were the one and the other the right quantity from rounded womanly curves. She had silky backside hair that hung altogether the way down to her petite waist. Her worthy pair from A-cup milk shakes were gleeful with miniature, darksome, extended nipps. She had a trifle saucy brave. Inward fact, the polish package was entire quite peckeroo paste filled. And lucky since us, we caught upwardly with her but altho that honey was getting mad to need a warm bubble washroom. "Perfect timing." Jenifer said. She smiled a trifle dire white smile for she lured the cam of spunky with the tie that secured her white, terry cloth robe. Lazily that babe untied it and let it fall open, revealing wholly her sensitive nudity.

Jenifer ran her hands totally over her silky black skin. She caressed her billibongs and twisted her pointer sisters, doing ‘em stand out, erotically hard. Then these woman ran her hands down to her flat abdomen with it are impaled naval. That babe caressed her aphrodisiacal haunches and then pulled down the sides by her robe so that it slipped by her shoulders and fell to the floor around her undressed feet, leaving her standing there totally orgasmic. Jenifer tossed her long coloured hair over her shoulder and leaned over the baths tub to check the water. "Just right." She said ahead turning to give the camera another bare smile, "Time to acquire lewd!"

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